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Air track gymnastics

A fun type of exercise can be done on a gymnastic air track. GymPlay offers a wide range of gym air mats. These mats are between 3 and 8 meters long and filled with air. They have a height of 10 or 15 cm. Maybe you already use gym air mats at your local gymnastics club and this will give you almost the same possibilities at home. It is not as powerful as when you use a trampoline, but can add some extra bounce to your tumbles. This makes it much easier for you to do tumble-series than if you were to practice it on the lawn or floor. Air track gymnastics is a fun way to practice tumbles at home, but can also be used to practice cheerleading, parkour and several other types of sports.

Different types of gym air mats

At GymPlay we offer gymnastic air tracks for every skill level. There are some factors you should consider before buying a gymnastic air track. The two most important factors are the gymnast’s age and skill level. Next comes questions such as: how much space should it occupy and what quality should it be made of? Below, we will review two examples of situations and offer our suggestions on which type to choose in each situation.

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Young beginner

If your child has just started air track gymnastics and already loves it so much that they would like to train at home too, then you should consider our H10 models. These models have a height of 10 cm and are perfect for smaller gymnasts who are not as experienced yet. These types are easy to use, handle and carry in a bag for a kid. They are available in several lengths and for most beginners, a length of 3 or 4 meters will often be plenty and work out for the next few years. With a height of 10 cm it is a bouncy fit, and at the same time soft to land on. If you want to be able to practice new tumbles and want a safe and even softer landing, it is a good idea to attach a landing mat at the end of our H10 gym air mats.

Air track gymnastics for home use

Air track gymnastics for experienced gymnasts

If you are a experienced gymnast or more than 15 years old, the H15-models could be a good choice and will probably fit your needs. It is 5 cm thicker than a H10 model, which gives your tumbles even more speed and power. It is also a little heavier to set up and pack down, and it requires a bit more space if you would like to use it indoor. In most cases, a H15 gymnastic air track is used in the garden. Experienced gymnasts often like to practice more complex tumble series, which requires both more length and height. A length of 5-8 meters will therefore often be suitable for this kind of air track gymnastics. The H15-models are heavier than the H10, which makes it a bit more difficult to carry and set up and will often require help from another person. With a H15 gymnastic air track you will get equipment that will last for many years. If, after some time, you realize that you need a longer track, then due to the velcro at the ends it is possible to attach more gym air mats and thus get a longer track. In addition, you can attach landing mats so you get a soft landing and longer track. You can also attach an incline at one end, giving you a more gradual run-up and thus more speed and power.
What is the difference between FlipZ and GymPlay?

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Cheap Air track mats

At GymPlay we have launched a more affordable series called FlipZ. Both brands are designed by GymPlay, but FlipZ is made for those who aren’t willing to pay as much for a gymnastic air track. For the airtracks with the brand name GymPlay we have developed a new production method that makes it extra durable. Two glued layers of high quality Marine PVC provide an edge thickness of 1.2 millimeters. We call this Double Rail technology and it significantly prolongs the life of the GymPlay models and therefore we offer a 3 year factory warranty on these models. Our FlipZ models, on the other hand, have only one layer of PVC, which corresponds to the market quality. It is therefore a bit less durable, but still a great model for those who do not want to spend as much money on their gym air mats. FlipZ is a series with a super-sharp price that is ideal for active kids who love tumbling and active play. It is a perfect choice for the playroom, multi-room or living room. So if you are looking for cheap equipment of good quality for air track gymnastics, FlipZ is a really great offer if you are looking for cheap air track mats. On the other hand, if you are looking for a really durable Airtrack, that will last many years the GymPlay models would be a perfect choice.

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