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Airtrack Mats – The best gymnastic mats for home use

Gymnast mats for home use

Are you looking for inflatable gymnastics mats for the garden, living room or children’s room? At gymplay you will find a wide range of airtrack mats and gymnastics equipment that can be used at home. In that way, you can stay in shape and practice your skills right at home. We have an air track mat for all skill levels. For the young beginner who wants to improve their skills and for the experienced gymnast who never gives up.

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Inflatable gymnastics mats for every skill level

Has your child just started gymnastics and loves it already? Would you like to see your child’s development at home in your own garden or living room? In that case, our gym air mats are the perfect equipment! The small kids who love to tumble around and have lots of energy will love to jump and tumble on an airtrack mat with their friends or siblings.

If you or your child is a skilled gymnast or power tumbler, with an air track tumbling mat it is possible to stay in shape and get even better every day at home. The Gymplay equipment is available in many different heights, widths and lengths. You will therefore find an inflatable gymnastics mat for every skill level and every age.

The young beginner will benefit from a gymnast mat with a height of 10 cm. This height is ideal for children of lower weight, who do not yet have the great gymnastics experience, but who want to get better. It is available in many different lengths. The shorter lengths are perfect if you want to practice momentum or put together a few tumbles. If you choose a longer airtrack mat you can put together more tumbles and achieve even more power and speed. If you are an experienced gymnast, an air track tumbling mat with a height of 15 cm will give you a perfectly optimal take-off and bounce. This type is available with a length of 3-8 meters. The more tumbles you want to put together the longer an airtrack mat you should choose.

Airtrack Mats - the best airtracks for gymnastic home use

Airtrack Mats – which size to buy?

As you grow older or more skilled, then you would likely be wanting something bigger than the standard 3m x 10cm model. Here a good solution could be one of the 5 meter x 15cm Airtracks which are just perfect for a skilled gymnast or experience Airtrack user.
The thicker an Air track you choose, the more bounce will it provide. The longer a track is, the more more combinations of jumps and flips can you do before running out of space. But remember – Larger airtrack mats are not only most expensive, they are also heavier, which can be a problem, especially for younger users. But what if you want a long Airtrack but can’t quite carry it? Well here at Gymplay we have just the solution for that problem. The double air track solution.

Can I combine several gym air mats?

All our gym air mats can be combined with additional gymnast mats of the same height if you wish to extend your track. This is due to the fact that there is velcro at the ends of all our gymnast mats. All you need to put them together is a velcro connector, which you can also get from Gymplay. Some of the mats also have velcro on the sides, which allows them to be put together so you get a wider track, which makes it possible for you to exercise with your friends. The velcro on the sides also makes it possible to attach a springboard or springblock on top of the air track mat, so you can get an extra high take-off or practice momentum from a higher height.

The velcro at the ends also makes it possible to attach an incline or landing mats. With an incline you get a more gradual run-up and you can therefore start your tumbles earlier on the inflatable gymnastics mat, which gives you more length in the end. If you attach landing mats at the end of your air track mat, you can finish your tumbles safely and at the same time get more length for the tumbles and run-up.

Gymnastics equipment for artistic gymnastics

If you are looking for equipment for balance training or artistic gymnastics, our training beam is perfect for this. This beam can be placed on top of a folding mat or our gymnast mats. This makes it possible for you to practice your balance in your cartwheel, handsprings or handstands. For beginners who want to learn front or back handsprings, it may be advantageous to purchase an air barrel as this can help the gymnast around the tumble and thus ensure a safe training of new tumbles. This can be used both on top of an air track mat for more bounce or simply on a regular mat or on the lawn for tumbling or gymnastics.

Should I buy an electric or manual pump for my air track mat?

We offer both manual and electric pumps for our gym air mats. Shortly said, the longer an Airtrack mat the longer the pumping takes. Therefore it may be too hard to pump up a high and long inflatable gymnastics mat with a manual pump and here we would recommend an electric one. But if, for example, you want to bring your air track tumbling mat to the park or beach, it might be smart with a manual pump so you don’t have to think about whether power is available. Therefore, the choice between an electric and a manual pump should depend on how long the air track mat is and where you want to use it.

Now you should have a much better idea about the Airtrack mats – If you still have any questions please contact our helpful support staff at or take a look at our products.

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