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Gymplay H15 Airtrack

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The GymPlays H15 Airtrack is 15 cm thick and therefore gives you a powerful and amazing bounce. It is available in lengths of 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 meters. This Airtrack is perfect for gymnasts at any age and level, but especially larger gymnasts or gymnasts at intermediate or expert level will benefit from it, since they will be able to practice complicated flips and tricks.  

A perfect choice for the talented gymnast who wants an amazing bounce. 

  • Phthalate free  
  • Durable materials 
  • Two layers of PVC on all sides 
  • 3-year warranty 
  • Free delivery 
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GymPlay H15 Airtrack

The GymPlay H15 Airtrack gives you a bounce and tumble experience similar to pro Airtracks. The width of 1.5 meters makes it possible to perform complicated and wild flips because there is plenty of space. The thickness of 15 cm ensures a powerful bounce, which enables you to get lots of height on your flips. 

When you practice on this Airtrack you can really develop as a gymnast. The width ensures that you get a safe training and will not be injured if your flip is off. On the surface along all edges there is Velcro, which allows you to attach other Airtracks or accessory products from all sides and angles. 

Airtrack dimensions

3 meter (300 x 150 x 15 cm)

4 meter (400 x 150 x 15 cm)

5 meter (500 x 150 x 15 cm)

6 meter (600 x 150 x 15 cm)

8 meter (800 x 150 x 15 cm)

Package content

This package contains the following:

A H15 Airtrack in the color and length of your choosing

A Pump – either an electric or manual

A high-quality transport and storage bag

A repair kit and a manual


Handling a Gymplay H15 airtrack

Although Airtracks of this size are relatively heavy, we have made handling them easy by adding carrying handles on both sides.

A small person will need help carrying the Airtrack – especially if it is an Airtrack over 5 meters. However, an older teenager or an adult will be able to carry the Airtrack and pack it up and away themselves. 

A smart bag for storage and transport is also included, which can be carried over the shoulder. The relatively small size of the Airtrack when packed away makes it more convenient to store when not in use.  

Perfect for outdoor use

The H15 Airtrack is perfect for outdoor usage. It can also be used indoors, but because it gives you such great bounce, you would need to use it somewhere with high ceilings and a lot of space around you.

When you use it outside, please make sure that there are no sharp objects on the area that you would place the Airtrack. If you want to protect your Airtrack further, we recommend that you put a PVC tarp underneath the Airtrack 

The Airtrack has a flexible and powerful bounce, which can be adapted to the individual gymnast by adjusting the air pressure.

Combine the Airtrack with other products from the H15 series and build your own tumbling park at home. 



14-40 kg


  • Thickness: 15 cm 
  • Length: 3-8 meter 
  • Width: 150 cm 

The package contains: 

  • A H15 Airtrack Trainer a color and length of your choice 
  • A pump of your choosing: Manual hand pump with manometer, 600-W-electric pump or no pump. Especially for larger models we recommend the electric pump. 
  • A high-quality storage and transport bag in full width that makes transportation easier and increases the lifetime of your Airtrack Trainer 
  • A repair kit with a PVC patch and valve tool 
  • An instruction manual 


3 years

h15 airtrack kit
GymPlay airtrack size guide

Airtrack Size and Quality Guide

LengthWidthThicknessVelcroSide Rail
FlipZ H10

3-6 meter1 meter10 cmEnds onlySingle Rail
2 years

Gymplay H10

3-7 meter

1 meter

10 cm

All sides

3 years

FlipZ H15

3-8 meter

1 meter

15 cm

Ends only

Single Rail

2 years

Gymplay H15 Mini

3-5 meter

1,25 meter

15 cm

All sides

3 years

Gymplay H15

3-6 meter

1,5 meter

15 cm

All sides

3 years

Additional information

Weight N/A

Black, Blue, Pink


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Electric pump, Manual pump, No Pump

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