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Premium Folding Mat

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A Gymplay Folding Mat helps you practice basic gymnastic skills at home

A Premium folding mat from GymPlay is suitable for all gymnasts who want to practice basic gymnastics at home. A solid and practical gymnastics mat in professional quality with lots of options.  

  • Ideal for simple flips
  • Easy to set up and pack down
  • Perfect for gymnast of all levels
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Premium Folding Mat 

This mat is great for gymnasts of all levels. Beginners can practice very simple skills such as cartwheels, rolls or roundoffs. Experienced gymnasts can use the folding mat as an intermediate station between the Airtrack and the floor. Once they have mastered various skills on the Airtrack and would like to be able to perform them directly on the floor, they can use the folding mat to master the technique before performing it on the floor or lawn. The mat is also great for practicing handstand or other basic gymnastic exercises. 


Unfolded (240 x 1120 x 3,5 cm)

Folded (60 x120 x 3,5 cm)

Available colors




A folding mat from Gymplay is ideal for training basic gymnastic skills.
Train your:
– Front and backward rolls
– Cart wheels
– Front handsprings
– Back handprings


Perfect for smaller children

GymPlay’s folding mat can also be used for small children who cannot sit by themselves yet. With a folding mat, you secure the child when it turns and rolls around. The mat is soft and comfortable to lie on. Older children who have started to play themselves can benefit from a folding mat as well, as it is far more comfortable than sitting on the cold and hard floor.

Strength training

The folding mat is also suited for strength training/resistance training. The dimensions ensure enough space to perform the exercises. In addition, the folding mat is with its thickness of 3.5 cm also soft to train on and even hard exercises become comfortable.

Easy to use

The mat is easy to use and does not take up much space when folded. Leave it out on the floor so that it is always ready for use or fold it and store it when not in use. It does not require any special preparation to use the folding mat and it can also be used with other GymPlay products. Use it with a springboard, springblock or a training beam. You can also use it with an air barrel to practice back handspring.


GymPlays folding mat is made of durable quality PVC identical to what is used in professional gyms. For great cushoning we use cross-link foam with a high density.

There are velcro at the ends so that the mat can be put together with other mats, and form a longer tumbling area.

Outdoor use

You can take your folding mat outside and use it on your lawn or on a soft surface. Just remember to remove any sharp objects. When finished use a damp cloth to clean the mat and dry off with a towel.



8,5 kg


Unfolded (240 x 1120 x 3,5 cm) 

Folded (60 x120 x 3,5 cm) 

The package contains: 

1 Folding Mat


2 years

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Chili Red, Sapphire Blue, Black, Blue

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