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Gymplay H15 Airtrack Mini Kit

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GymPlay H15 Airtrack Mini Kit – perfect for high level gymnasts

This kit includes both an H15 Airtrack Mini and a suitable springboard. The perfect combination for experienced gymnasts who want more flexibility and a great bounce. 

  • Made of P17 PVC without phthalates 
  • Fantastic bounce 
  • Good width for extra security 
  • 3year warranty 

Total track length incl. springboard is 425 cm – 625 cm depending on airtrack length 

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GymPlay H15 Airtrack Mini Kit

This kit is versatile and offers many composition options. Both airtrack and springboard have a thickness of 15 cm. This thickness gives a great bounce and allows you to perform complicated flips. With a width of 1,25 m the Airtrack is slightly slimmer than other H15 Airtracks, making it easier to handle for one person, but it’s still wide enough to use it for advanced tricks and flips. Use the springboard to extend the overall track length or to achieve more height on your flips.


Airtrack dimensions:

3 meter (300 x 125 x 15 cm)

4 meter (400 x 125 x 15 cm)

5 meter (500 x 125 x 15 cm)

Springboard: 125 x 60 x 15 cm

Package content

This package includes the following:

A GymPlay H15 Airtrack Mini in a length of your choice

A Gymplay H15 Springboard Mini and a velcro connector

A pump of your choosing and a storage and transportation bag

A repair kit and a manual


Expand the track length or get extra height

With the springboard, you can expand your track by 1.25 meters, so you have more space to do gymnastics. The springboard is as long as the airtrack is wide and you can therefore also place the springboard over the top of the Airtrack and thus get 15 cm extra height. Similarly, you can use the springboard separately to practice backflip, back handspring, aerial, somersaults and more.

Practical and easy to use

On our H15 models there are two valves so you can connect two pumps and thus increase the efficiency of both inflation and deflation. With an electric pump, it takes less than a minute to inflate the Airtrack.

If you want to be able to use the airtrack and the springboard in places without a power supply, you can instead choose a manual pump. Then you can, for example, take one or both of them to the beach, the park or similar. A practical, high-quality bag is also included, making storage and transport easier.

This airtrack is developed in a width that makes it more flexible in terms of use. It is wide enough that you can use it for powerful flips, but at the same time slim enough to reduce the weight which makes it is easier to handle.

Both for indoor and outdoor use 

Most H15 airtracks are best suited for outdoor use due to their size. With its width of 125 cm, this H15 airtrack can also easily be used indoors. Of courseit is still important to use it in a room where there is a lot of space. The powerful bounce means that the gymnast can get a lot of height on their flips and therefore you should ensure that there are no objects around the airtrack. 

Airtrack weight

Airtrack 3 m: 18 kg

Airtrack 4 m: 21 kg

Airtrack 5 m: 24 kg

Airtrack size

3 meter: 300 x 125 x 15 cm

4 meter: 400 x 125 x 15 cm

5 meter: 500 x 125 x 15 cm

Springboard size:

125 x 60 x 15 cm

The package contains

  • A GymPlay H15 Airtrack Mini in a length of your choosing
  • A GymPlay H15 Springboard Mini
  • A Pump of your choice: electric pump, manual pump or no pump
  • A high-quality storage and transport bag
  • A repair kit with PVC patch and valve key
  • An instruction manual


Double Rail Technology


3 years


Airtrack Size and Quality Guide

LengthWidthThicknessVelcroSide Rail
FlipZ H10

3-6 meter1 meter10 cmEnds onlySingle Rail
2 years

Gymplay H10

3-7 meter

1 meter

10 cm

All sides

3 years

FlipZ H15

3-8 meter

1 meter

15 cm

Ends only

Single Rail

2 years

Gymplay H15 Mini

3-5 meter

1,25 meter

15 cm

All sides

3 years

Gymplay H15

3-6 meter

1,5 meter

15 cm

All sides

3 years

Additional information

Weight N/A

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Electric pump, Manual pump, No Pump

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