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Tumble tracks for home use

One of the more fun ways to get some exercise at home is with an air tumble track. If you love tumbling and gymnastics, then you have probably already tried or heard about our inflatable tumble track. Due to the air inside the tumble track you get a powerful and bouncy take-off and at the same time it will ensure a soft landing. Because of the extra height you will be able to practice tumble series that you wouldn’t be able to do on a normal gym mat or on the floor. It is also a great equipment for learning or practicing new skills that you haven’t managed to do on the floor yet. It’s perfect if you want to stay in shape – even when you’re not in the gymnastics club.

Airtrack – the ultimate gymnastics tumble track for home use

At GymPlay we have a wide range of inflatable tumble track for sale. If you are looking for an airtrack for beginners and younger gymnasts the H10-models are the perfect choice. This kind of air tumble track has a height of 10 cm and comes in different lengths ranging from 3 to 8 meters. These types are easy to set up, pack down and carry around. A small gymnast can therefore easily handle the tumble track on their own. But it is always a good idea to have an adult around, when tumbling and to avoid tumbling too close to furniture or walls.

tumble track for home use

When using the inflatable tumble track, you will clearly notice the difference between this and a standard flat gym mat. You will land softer if things go wrong, and you will also find that you can get a little more height on your tumbles. Not to the same extent as a jumping pillow or trampoline, but still enough for you to practice more complex tumbles than on a normal mat. An air track mat is great for both tumbling and gymnastics.

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Gymnastics tumble track for garden use

Another advantage of an air tumble track is that it can also be used in the garden. Typically, you have a little more space in your garden. When using a tumbl track in the garden you will be able to get a larger gymnastics tumble track, since you have more room to practice in your garden. Furthermore it is safer and easier to tumble outdoor, because you’ll high ceilings in order to tumble indoor. Compared to a trampoline there is a large difference. On an air tumble track you get a smaller bounce than you would on a trampoline. But because it is longer and slimmer than a trampoline you can get a good run-up which makes your tumbles more powerful. At the same time you have the opportunity to put together tumble series that you wouldn’t be able to do on a standard trampoline.

Tumble track for the living room or playroom

If you have a room in your home that has high ceilings and generally plenty of space, you can easily use an airtrack inside. That way you can do gymnastics in any weather. If you want a tumble track for indoor use, you should first and foremost consider how much space you have for it. Then, consider the size of the gymnast and their skill level.

Small gymnasts who have just started tumbling would benefit from a H10-model, whilst larger and more experienced gymnasts would prefer a larger model such as our H15-series. The H stands for height, which mean our H10 airtracks have a height of 10 cm and H15 have a height of 15 cm. Few people can accommodate an Airtrack of 5-8 meters in the home and most people would probably choose a tumbl track of 3-4 meters instead. The longer the tumbl track, the more tumbles you can combine and the more powerful tumbles you can achieve.

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Tumble tracks for home use

The FlipZ Airtracks are ideel for tumbling at home and it was specifically developed for for home use. It’s a low cost Airtrack which makes it affordable for most and a great way to get started with building your tumble track for home use.

Cheap tumble track

If you are looking for a tumble track that is cheap, we have designed a series called FlipZ. This series fully meets the market quality, but is offered at a lower price than our GymPlay models. The GymPlay models feature two glued PVC layers on the sides, making it extra durable. This technique extends the life of the GymPlay models significantly, which is why we offer a 3-year factory warranty on these models. Our FlipZ models, on the other hand, have only one layer of PVC, which corresponds to the quality of the market. It is therefore a little less durable, yet a good model for those who do not wants a cheaper tumble track. FlipZ is ideal for active kids who love tumbling and active play. So if you’re looking for cheap, high-quality air tumble track, FlipZ is a great deal. On the other hand, if you are looking for a really durable inflatable tumble track that will last for many years, the GymPlay models will be a perfect choice.

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