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We care about you

We care about you


Gymplay guarantees that our products are free of hazardous chemicals.
There is a lot of gymnastic equipment with dangerous chemicals. This especially applies to the equipment that is bought directly from China, but the problem is also to be found in Europe. In general, the cheaper the products, the more careful one should be about what the products contain.

What does GymPlay do?

At GymPlay, we use a lot of resources to ensure that our products are free of hazardous chemicals.

Of course, we follow the EU legislation on chemicals in consumer products (REACH). In addition, we are continuously running a process that aims to remove even more chemicals

External quality control

GymPlay has some fantastic suppliers who produce our products in a great quality. But in order to have 100 percent control over the entire production process, we make sure to continuously test the materials that are included in our products. We do this by traveling to the factories and picking materials directly from production to testing. This ensures a connection between test results and the products we sell.

We know the importance of having a test system, both in relation to the product quality and the materials included in the products.


Free of hazardous chemicals

All our products are free of hazardous chemicals. We test regularly for, among other things, heavy metals and phthalates (plasticizers)


Laboratory tested

In addition to test reports from our suppliers, we also get our products tested in an external laboratory to ensure that everything is as it should be


External quality control

Trust is good, but control is better. We go out to our factories around the world and pick out materials for external testing.

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