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GymPlay are the leading manufacturer of quality Airtracks and tumbling equipment at affordable prices.

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GymPlay’s mission is to create and design gymnastic equipment that makes you better.

Our passion and love for gymnastics run deep and with more than 25 years of gymnastic experience, our products are designed with a thorough insight into what matters:

Quality, performance and durability!



Gymplay guarantees that our products are free of hazardous chemicals


GymPlay is the only supplier of Airtracks in the world that uses Double Rail Technology.

The weakest point on an airtrack are the sides. That’s why we’ve developed a production method that makes your Airtrack Trainer particularly durable.

Two layers of high-quality marine PVC material glued together give a total thickness of 1.2 millimeters for optimal durability.

All Airtracks has additional performance and durability with our Double rail technology


Our Airtrack Trainer series are known for it’s high quality and being one of the best air tracks for home training. Our home edition is called H10 Airtrack Trainers and is 10 cm. in height, and several different lengths. Unlike most other Airtracks you can combine it with a lot of additional gymnastic equipment such as our Spring boards, landing mats, Air barrels and incline mats in order to setup a truly amazing Airtrack track to use in your garden or at the sports facility. If you want to get better at gymnastic and have many hours of fun at the same time, our Airtrack Trainer Series are the way to go.

Airtracks for all

No matter if you are completely new to gymnastics or an elite gymnast, we got the right Airtrack for you. For younger people and new gymnasts our H10 Talent Trainer is an excellent choice when it comes to price, quality and performance. This is the perfect choice for those who wish to use Airtracks inside their home or out in the garden. An best of all – it’s an Airtrack price that’s affordable.

For the more advanced users we have the Airtrack Talent Trainers which are a bit higher (15 cm) and offers even better performance. These Airtracks are a good choice no matter if you use it at your garden or at a big sporting arena.
The additional bounce from the Talent Trainer series enables you to do some really interesting series of jumps or some amazing tricks that wouldn’t be possible with a smaller Air track.

Why use an Air track?

There are many reasons why you should consider a Gymplay Airtrack for your home. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using an Airtrack for your training.
With 10 or 15 cm of air in it, you will land softly should you fail a jump. This mean you will be less likely to injure yourself should you do you a mistake.
But the main reason to use an Air track is that you got more speed, power and height in your jumps, as it gives you more bounce compared to a normal gymnastic mat. Because of this additional help, it will be easier to learn the various jumps, and you will be able to do some really amazing combination jumps, which wouldn’t be possible with an Airtrack. This makes it way more fun to do gymnastics, both for you as an Air track user, but also for those watching.

Are you ready to take your gymnastic skills to the next level with one of our quality Airtracks?

If you have any questions, then try to take a look at our FAQ, which gives you answers to most frequently asked questions. You are of course also welcome to contact us. Then we can talk and help you and your child to get some good tips for better spring experiences.