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About Us

Slide To create and design gymnastics equipment that makes you better GYMPLAYS MISSION


GymPlay’s mission is to create and design gymnastics equipment that makes you better. Our passion and love for gymnastics run deep and with more than 20 years of gymnastic experience, our products are designed with a thorough insight into what matters: Quality, performance and durability!


Tommy henriksen

Tommy Henriksen


Tommy loves gymnastics and has been doing gymnastics since he was a little kid. His gymnastic experience includes:

Being a Flying Super Kid (part of a world reknown gymnastics performance team)

Being a gymnastics coach for several years

Being a certified judge in womens artictistic gymnastics (level 1-6)

Ivan Jensen

Ivan Jensen


Ivan loves customers and always strives to give the best possible customer experience.

Working with customer experience for more than 15 years has shown him that there is nothing more important than delivering on this key area – and my promise to you is that GymPlay will always focus on providing an outstanding customer experience



We love gymnastics and have more than 20 years of experience in gymnastics


We develop and test continuously to ensure that our products are always the best on the market

Safe Sport

We care about you and never compromise on your safety. Our products are delevoped with P17 phtalathe free PVC to protect your health


Life is about playing and having fun and we strive to put play into gymnastics hence our name GymPlay

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