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Testimonials: Here is what our customers say

Here’s a few examples of some of the reviews and testimonials for our Airtracks and Airtrack accessories.

Perfect. We are really enjoying airtrack. We can train so many different gymnastic skills. It’s lots of fun no matter if you are alone or have a friend over. It can be adjusted to give you the perfect bounce. We have an enormous joy and effect of using the Airtrack Trainer. It can be strongly recommended to watch videos on all the possible exercises.

Trine Hansen, Denmark

Lausen gym, Denmark

Hello Gymplay
I’ve got one of your mats as a birthday present and it is awesome to jump on . I use it every day and my friend comes over and then we put them together into one long mat.

Reviews from Trustpilot

Torben Brix, Viborg Denmark

Hi, Thank you for an absolutely fantastic product. We bought an Airtrack Trainer to my son and daughter who love gymnastics and it seemed to be great exercise for them. In hindsight, we can only conclude that it is an brilliant product that is used frequently and that not only improove their gymnastic abilities but also gives lot of joy and laughter!

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