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Air Barrel

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Air Barrel – Handspring trainer 

An Air Barrel is the perfect help for beginner-level gymnasts who want to learn how to do back and front handsprings. 

  • Available in 2 sizes to suit gymnasts of different sizes 
  • Environmentalfriendly strong PVC without hazardous chemicals
  • Handles at both ends so the trainer can easily help the gymnast 

Produced in professional quality. Use it at home, for training or in teaching

NB. pump must be purchased separately

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Air Barrel

The perfect tool for beginners and smaller gymnasts who want to practice new skills. You can e.g. get better at making back handsprings and soon be able to manage it without help. It is a really good tool, both to practice the technique, but also to overcome the barrier that many children have in relation to tumbling backwards. For gymnasts who can already do a back handspring, it can also be used to get better at stretching arms and legs during the tumble. 

Choose the right Air Barrel

When choosing the size of your Air Barrel, you should look at the height of the gymnast. 

70 cm 

If the gymnast is under 140 cm, we recommend that you choose a size of 70 cm 

85 cm 

If the gymnast is over 140 cm, we recommend that you choose a size of 85 cm 


Materials and maintenance

An Air Barrel from GymPlay is made of strong PVC in environmental-friendly quality. There are two handles at each end of the handspring trainer, so it is easy for one or two receivers to “guide” the gymnast around in the handspring.

An Airbarrel does not require special maintenance. However, it is important that it is dry when you pack it down. Clean it with a damp cloth (possibly with a little detergent) if there are stains or the like on it.

For home use and for institutions

An Air Barrel is ideal for home use, but also for unions, schools and institutions. Make your own training station where the kids can practice back and front handsprings. Can be used on folding mats, Airtracks and on inclines or directly on the floor or lawn.

Both suitable for indoor and outdoor usage

Use this handspring trainer indoors in the winter and outside in the summer. You can use your it on the lawn or combine it with one of our other products.

NB. pump must be purchased separately. You can use all the pumps in GymPlay’s range to inflate an Air Barrel.



3 kg


Height 70/85 cm

Width: 1 m

The package contains: 

1 Air Barrel

NB. pump must be purchased separately


2 years

Additional information

Weight N/A

70 cm, 85 cm


Black/Blue, Black, Blue

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