Airtrack Springboard by GymPlay - more height and power
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Airtrack Springboard

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More length, height and power 

An inflatable springboard can be used as an extension for your Airtrack or used separately to get a powerful bounce. Perfect to practice handspring, summersault, schmetterling, backflips and much more. There is both velcro on top and under this air board and thus it can be attached across the Airtrack. 

  • Phthalate free  
  • Small and easy to use 
  • Two layers of PVC on all sides 
  • Powerful bounce 
  • 3-year warranty 

N.B. Pump must be purchased separately. 

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GymPlay Springboard

GymPlays Airtrack Springboard is a good accessory product for our Airtrack Trainer series. You can use it to extend your Airtrack, so you get a longer run up or you can put it on top of your Airtrack and thus use it to boost your flips. It can also be used separately to practice flips such as backflips, aerial, handsprings, summersaults and the like on the lawn or floor.   



Height: 10 cm

Width: 60 cm

Length: 100 cm


Height: 15 cm

Width: 60 cm

Length: 150 cm

H15 Mini

Height: 15 cm

Width: 60 cm

Length: 125 cm


Which should I choose?  

If you already have an Airtrack or want to combine the springboard with an Airtrack, it is important that you choose a board that fits the dimensions of your Airtrack. 

If your Airtrack is 1 m wide and 10 cm thick, choose the H10 springboard. This air board is as long as your Airtrack is wide and likewise the board and Airtrack will have the same thickness. This means that you can both put it across the top of the Airtrack and extend your Airtrack.

You therefore have to be aware that the length of the air board corresponds to the width of the Airtrack and the thickness of the Airtrack and the board has to be the same.  


H10 suits a H10 Airtrack with a width of 1 meter 

H15 suits a H15 Airtrack with a width of 1,5 meter 

H15 Mini suits a H15 Airtrack Mini with a width of 1,25 meter 



2-4 kg


H10 Springboard 

  • Height: 10 cm 
  • Width: 60 cm 
  • Length: 100 cm 

H15 Springboard 

  • Height: 15 cm 
  • Width: 60 cm 
  • Length: 150 cm 

H15 Springboard Mini 

  • Height: 15 cm 
  • Width: 60 cm 
  • Length: 125 cm 

The package contains: 

1 Springboard of your choice

NB. pump must be purchased separately


3 years

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Black/Blue, Black, Blue


H10 Springboard, H15 Springboard, H15 Springboard Mini

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