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Incline Mat

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Better run-up with an Incline Mat 

Every gymnast will benefit from an incline mat, because it gives you a smoother and longer run-up. An incline mat is also known as a cheese mat or wedge mat and is a very functional tool for skill building. It is ideal for gymnastics, acrobatics, cheerleading and dance.  

Choose the incline mat that suits your Airtrack – if your Airtrack has a thickness of 10 cm, the H10 Incline Mat will fit and if your Airtrack is 15 cm thick, you should choose the H15 Incline Mat.  

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Incline Mat

An incline mat is a versatile skill building tool for gymnasts of all ages. It has many functions and can be used in many beneficial ways. Attach it at the starting point of your Airtrack to achieve a smoother and longer run-up. Or use it to practice forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, handsprings or any skill that you want to learn or improve. Place it on top of your Airtrack or folding mat and practice your skill downhill. If you fold it, you can use it as a spotting block to help you manage handstands or practice back- and front handsprings, summersaults and the like.  

Dimensions H10 Incline Mat

Thickness: 10/5 cm

Width: 100 cm

Length: 120 cm

Dimensions H15 Incline Mat

Thickness: 15/5 cm

Width: 100 cm

Length: 120 cm


Indoor and outdoor use

Use the Incline Mat indoors in the winter and outdoors in the summer. You can use it on the lawn or combine it with one of our other products. 

Materials and functionality

GymPlays Incline Mat is made of durable PVC. To make it soft and firm, we use high-density shock-absorbing PU foam. 

There is a hidden Velcro connector at the thickest end, which makes it possible to attach the Incline Mat to your Airtrack. 

When the incline isn’t in use, it doesn’t take up much space. It can be folded and is easy to pack away.  

It does not require special maintenance. However, it is important that it is dry when you pack it down. Clean it with a damp cloth (possibly with a little detergent) if there are stains or the like on it. 

Which size should I choose?

GymPlays Incline Mats come in two different sizes. The H10 Incline Mat suits our H10 Airtracks and the H15 Incline Mats suits our H15 Airtracks. Choose the size that fits your Airtrack to get a smooth transition for the run-up.  

Incline mat



2-4 kg


H10 Springboard 

  • Height: 10 cm 
  • Width: 60 cm 
  • Length: 100 cm 

H15 Springboard 

  • Height: 15 cm 
  • Width: 60 cm 
  • Length: 150 cm 

H15 Springboard Mini 

  • Height: 15 cm 
  • Width: 60 cm 
  • Length: 125 cm 

The package contains: 

1 Springboard of your choice

NB. pump must be purchased separately


3 years

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Blue, Grey


H10 Incline Mat, H15 Incline Mat

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